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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Under Construction/Observation bentarrrr

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
They say time heals all wounds,, but in some relationship some wounds only get deeper with time. That's why i always say that time means "now". If you have to love, love now. if you have to ask for forgiveness, do it now. if you want to hold hands, hold it now. or else years later you will find your self at a party like me. Asking for forgiveness from your beloved. so all you wonderful married couples out there look to your partner and tell them I love you. and all of u that are singles, turn this way; girls only, and tell me that.

Natural  Mineral-Salt  Hair Conditioning  Spray
Healthier Scalp  and  Stronger  Hair

Today,  hair-loss  and hair-thinning  are becoming  global  problems  and they  hit  not  only the  elders but  the  younger generation  too. Causes  range  from  genetics, hormonal imbalance  during  and after  pregnancy,  side-effect from  overdose  of medication.  dandruff (Seborhoeic  Dermatitis),  itchy  and  dry scalps,  polluted  municipal  water,  chemicals  in  cosmetics,  styling  products, dyes and shampoo.  Many scientists  say  these  conditions  can  also  be  a  result  of  bad  eating habit or fungus  growth  on  the  scalp's  skin. Our  scientists  believe  fungus  growth  could  be a major cause   contributing  to  hair-loss  and  hair  thinning.

Though, there  is  nothing you  can  do to  monitor  these  environmental  problems  but  there  are
certain  possibilities  you  can  adopt  to  avoid  or prevent  yourself from  premature  hair-loss  and
hair-thinning, the  type  of problems  which  should  not be  left  unattended  for  too long,
otherwise  you  may  become  an incurable-bald  person.

There  are so  many  natural  remedies  that are available  on  the  shelves  which  could be  useful
for  these  conditions, apart  from the  FDA  approved drugs.  Most  of  the  natural  products  are
extracts  from  herb. Pro4Life is  one of  the  most recent  innovations  but it  is  a non-herb
product,  Pro4Lfie  offers  the  most  convenient  water-based  mineral-salt  hair conditioning
spray,  formulated  with a well  balanced  of inorganic  minerals which  have  shown  to  be  nontoxic,   non-irritating,  not-staining  and  has  a natural  odor.  Reported  benefits  include  reduced
hair-thinning,  healthier scalp,  stronger  hair, less  dandruff,  less  itching,  absence  of  unpleasant
odor  while over 80  %  of the  users  experience  young hair re-growth.  Of course,  effectiveness
varies  from  person  to  person, especially  from  the  hair  regrowth  aspect,  In  addition,
Pro4Lfie  has  not been  FDA  approved for  hair re-growth  claim.

Bacteria and  Fungus sensitivity  test in  the  laboratory  revealed  that  this  Pro4Lfie
formulation  is  able  to  reduce  over  99,80 % of bacteria  and fungus  within  30 seconds  of
contact, Staphylococcus  Aureus,  Staphylococcus  Epidermidis  and  Candida Albicans  were used
in  the  study and  they  are  the  types  of  microorganism  which are commonly  found  on  human's skin.

Ingredients:  A well balanced  formula  of inorganic  minerals  from  deep-sea  such  as Zinc, Manganese,  Potassium,  Magnesium,  Iron, copper,  Sodium Sulfur &  Chloride  diluted  in  purified water.

Directions for  Use: No  need to  shampoo  before  use; simply  spray onto  the  head  to  moisten  the scalp at  least  twice  everyday, morning and  evening,  If  you have  thick  hair,  use fingers  to  rub into  scalp  and  do not  wash  it  off, just let  dry  naturally.

Before, After 3 months, after 6 months.

Question and Answer. Pro4Life hair spray.

Q: How safe  is  Pro4Life  to  skin and  eyes?
A: This  product  is  completely  natural & safe. Tests in  animals laboratory  animals show Pro4Life  is  safe to both skin  and  eyes.

Q: Is  Pro4life designed  only  for  individuals  with baldness  problem?
A: No.  Actually  this  product  has been  created  for  individuals  suffering  from  severe premature
hair-thinning  and hair loss.  This product  is  suitable  for  use  by  both  women  and  men  of all ages,  even  the  elders.

Q: Is  Pro4life indicated  for  hair re-growth?
A: No,  Pro4life was not formulated  for  hair regrowth,  but  it  was  invented  for  cleansing, sanitizing  and nourishing  the  scalp's  skin, resulting  in  thicker  and healthier  hair mas which will not easily  fall  out, Hair  re-growth  is  commonly  benefited by those  who use  the
product  according  to  the  label;  but it  is just a side-benefit. The  hair-growth  claim  is  not  on the label  and  it  has  not  been  approved by the  FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Q: Can  Pro4life help  both  oily  and  dry  scalp  condition?
A: Yes, Pro4Life enhances  the  pH balance  on the  scalp, therefore both  the  oily and dry conditions   on  the  scalp will gradually improve  after  a  few  weeks  of using  the  product as recommended.

Q: Can  Pro4life help the  dandruff  condition ?
A: Yes, because  dandruff is  usually  a reaction  of fungus  infection,  so, when  fungus  is minimized  to  a certain  level  after  using Pro$Life for  a  period  of time,  resulting  in  less  dandruff  problem.

Q: Do I  have to  shampoo  my hair before  using Pro4life ?
A: No, no  need  to  shampoo before  use. Simply  spray to  dampen  the  scalp  at  least  twice  daily,  in  the  morning  and evening.  Use fingers  to  rub  into  the  scalp,  if  you  have  thick  hair.  No need  to  wash  off after  spraying,  just let  dry  naturally.  There is  no perfume nor chemical  of any  kind in  the  formula.

Q: Can  hair loss  condition  due to  side-effects  or over-dose  of  medication be  helped  by  using  Pro4Life ?
A: Yes, we regularly  receive  positive  report  from  customers  who have  experienced  side-effects  from medication or over-dose  of  medication.

Q: Can Pro4life  help  the  grey hair condition? |
A: No, this  product  is  not  invented  for  helping  "grey  hair'' condition.  Though  some  benefits  have  been  reported,  the  producer cannot guarantee  any  benefit  in  this  respect.

Q: Which ingredients  in  Pro4Life  trigger  such  incredible  results?
A:  It  is  rather  a result  of a well-balanced  formulation  of natural  inorganic  & skin nourishing  deep-sea minerals such  as Zinc, Manganese,  Potassium,  Magnesium,  Iron,  copper,  Sodium,  Sulfur  and  Chloride  diluted  in  purified  water.

Q: One I  start  seeing  good  result  from  Pro4Life,  can i stop using  it from  time  to  time?
A: Pro4Life is  not  indicated  for  life-long  use,  therefore,  you can  stop  using  it  from  time to  time  whenever  you  are happy  with  the result.  You  can  re-start  using it  again  whenever  you  wish. The beauty of Pro4Life is  that you will  not  encounter immediate  hair-loss  whenever  you  stop using  it.

Q: Can  Pro4life  be  used on dyed  hair?
A: Pro4life  is  not  recommended  for  use with dyed  hair, since  there  has  not  been  any research  done  on  this  particular application to  make  sure  there  will  be  no  resulting discoloration.  At one's  own  risk"  a small  area  could  be  tested to  check  and  assure  that there will be  no discoloration  first.

Q: The  most frequntly-asked  question, 'How  long  does it  take  to obtain the same result  as seen on  the testimonial  photos?
A: It  usually  takes  2  -  3 months to  observe  some improvement  This  is  a lot  quicker than  most hair  re-growth  products available on  the  market,  Continuous  improvement  of hair  mass and  scalp  condition  may be  observed  even  after  one  year  of use.

Before, after 3 months, after 6 months.

Manufactured  by:  Kovic Kate International (Thailand)  Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand.
Distributed by: Pro4Life Co., Ltd., bankok, Thailand. Email: Pro4life.hair@gmail.com


Blogger Tiwi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:09 PM  
Blogger Mochtar Han said...

pic header iku nek dibikin bw terus dkasih list tipis pnggirnya dikit, pasti luwih manis.

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Thekannes ( www.thekannes.nl ) said...

Saya sering balik ke blog ini karena tulisannya bagus , dan karena penulisnya menomorsatukan rasa cinta tanah air yang tinggi ...

Sampai pas baca2 saya menemukan banyak kejanggalan yg membuat saya trenyuh , tentang kecemburuan istri anda ...duh ..

Saya pernah memberikan comment di postingan sebelumnya "tentang poligami " dimana anda menulis tentang kerelaan istri anda di madu , saya sudah bilang " wanita bilang ya , sebenarnya tidak dan sebaliknya " ....sekarang anda mungkin tahu maksud saya , kebetulan saya sendiri wanita , jadi tahu ...

Blog , bisa menjadikan tempat utk menampung buah pikiran kita , kegelisahan kita , catatan keseharian tapi blog bisa juga berahkir seperti ini ya ...

Apapun yang terjadi semoga menjadi pelajaran yg baik dan mempererat hubungan kalian ...amien .

Maafkan saya , tidak bisa menahan diri utk menuliskan ini ..
Buat Mbak Marisa salam kenal ya

5:38 PM  
Anonymous aris said...

Mulai utak atik blog lagi mas? Pilihan latar belakang yg hitam membuat tampilan blog menjadi lebih keren, terutama jika ingin menampilkan foto. Ok salam.

11:16 PM  
Blogger sinceyen said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:56 PM  
Blogger NiLA Obsidian said...

waaahhhh....dah lama ga berkunjung ternyata banyak yg baruw di sini.....

gituw dong tampilin sang terkasih....di publish gituw...hehe

apa lagi neh yg lg dibenerin? dah bagus kho....

btw...tx buat supportnya selama aku menyepi ya om alex....

6:34 PM  
Blogger Alex Ramses said...

Under construction; semacam awas ada galian jalan untuk memasang kabel oleh TELKOM atau oleh PLN, atau Proyek pemasangan pipa PDAM.

Kalau ini ada perbaikan tampilan dan juga isi blog termasuk Pengawasan dari KPI (Komite Penyiaran Indonesia), seperti acaranya Thukul; Empat Mata, di Trans TV. Cipika-cipiki di Empat Mata diprotes anak2 sekolah.

Liburan musim panas tiba, berendem Air dingin di Bath Up Ah. Jaka Sembung.

6:28 PM  
Blogger Vina Revi said...

wah,baru aja nyampe ternyata lagi ada renovasi. ok, deh! ditungguin apanya yang bakal berubah, deh!

8:23 AM  
Anonymous pangapora said...

Could time heal my wound right now?! Haha....

9:59 AM  
Anonymous aroengbinang said...

salam bung, saatnya untuk turun gunung, menyecap keseharian kehidupan yang tidak pernah sempurna dan memotret sang waktu apa adanya.

7:23 AM  

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